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For treatment to be successful, it's essential that you the patient feel comfortable within the office setting and the therapist with whom you elect to work.  This is why developing a strong working relationship is paramount right from the beginning. 

It's important for me to balance my use of therapeutic techniques with genuine interest in the issues you're tackling.  I utilize a straightforward and transparent approach combining such things as humor and research supported interventions to create a therapeutic environment that centers around a real human connection.  I strive to make my patients feel both supported and challenged to make changes and face difficult topics.  With a strong working relationship and genuine therapeutic environment, we will together develop a personalized toolbox of coping skills to help you overcome the struggles of today and tomorrow


It is developmentally normal for teenagers to be impulsive, independent, and to question authority figures. In addition, teens today are under emotional stress that can take these traits to a whole different level of being disrespectful, breaking rules, lacking motivation to complete home or school tasks, and engaging in unsafe behaviors.  

These behaviors can be intolerable to adults leading to these children being labeled as “difficult” or “delinquent”; however, I see them as having a story to tell.  Every cuss word and broken rule is the teenager’s way of inappropriately communicating his or her thoughts, feelings, or needs.   Over many years, I have learned to speak the teenager language and can help these “difficult” teens figure out what they are trying to say and then teach them ways to communicate their wants, hopes, and dreams more effectively.


Asking for help is an extremely hard thing to do. And finding the right fit between you and a therapist is crucial to you achieving the change you dream about.  I want to make the experience of initiating therapy as easy as possible for you.  I am available for an initial consultation over the phone or email to answer any questions you may have about services and assist you in making the difficult decision to come in for that first session.


At the first session I will explain what you can expect from services, collect a thorough history to understand you better, find out what is going on currently in your life, and establish what future personal goals you have.   At the end of the session, I will summarize what I have heard from you, describe interventions that are supported by research and would benefit you, and we will develop a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs.  

Making that first step is difficult but the change you are looking forward is simply an email or phone call away.  I would love to work with you but you have to make the first step. Are you ready?

About me

PGSP - Stanford Consortium/Psy.D.
Pepperdine University
Lic. No. : PSY26763 

About me...

I have over 15 years experience impacting the lives of children, adolescents and adults with emotional disturbances and often extensive trauma histories. The symptom presentation can range but often the cause is a mixture of biological factors and environmental stress combined with an inability to effectively process and deal with these stresses.


In my work, I create meaningful working relationships, even when someone may be skeptical of the benefits of therapy. I then collaborate with the people that I am working with to improve coping skills and enhance the ability to handle challenging situations with minimal to no impairment today and in the future.

I also focus on developing insights into how the past affects our current behavior. Becoming unstuck from difficult experiences and better understanding maladaptive behaviors allows people to make meaningful change now in the present day that will lead to a more fulfilling and happy future.

I am certified in many different Evidence-based Practices including TF-CBT, IPT, and Seeking Safety.

Areas of Practice

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Existential Therapy

Extreme Teen Cases

Couples Therapy 

Family Systems

Psychological Testing & Evaluation


Everyone has problems... but there are times when our problems can consume us and we just can't seem to break away from them. Being able to let go and move on from your struggles is exactly what therapy is about. In therapy, first you have to face the problem and stop running from it - this is often unimaginable.  Next, therapy helps you develop individualized strategies to regain control over yourself and your problems. Finally, when you have these methods down, you can let go of your current struggles and are better prepared for future challenges as they present.


Contact Me

2309 Pacific Coast Highway
Suite 102
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254


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